April 30, 2018

A World of my Design

I live in a world of my design

Every man is a pawn in my hand
Every land is ruled by my gang

I move anything
I fear nothing
I own everything

Scepter in my hand splits mountain
My anger explode evil fountain

I see your intentions
Every move will face sanctions

Step down weak and surrender
This is order from your commander

You live invasion
I live salvation

I live in a world of my design
I live in my mind

June 26, 2014


Sometime ignoring a person or a problem is much effective than taking reaction. Imagine a person is in war with you. Either at work, among family, among friends... wheresoever. For any action he makes against you, you reply with reaction. Your moves are predictable now! you can be played. You need to break your enemy's chain of strategy thinking. Give him unpredictable action. Ignore him. He would think a thousand thing before he do his next move. Could you surrendered or tired? Could you be defeated?! Could you be planning now for reaction? This makes him wait in exhausting way your reaction move. Play him. Show him your good side. Wait for sometime. And when he puts his guards down. And when you find a kill shot. Make sure you take him down, once, and forever.

December 29, 2013


Whether you are in a battle field or a company or among of any kind of group, it is essential the communication system to be considered in your equation. In order to paralyze the enemy, you need to damage the communication. Not the defence, not the resources, the communication. Remember that all kind of processes and work order require communication. It is exactly like you attack the neural system of human body.

In any kind of army, there would be a communication team. And there is for sure second team as plan B to replace the original communication system. Then, you can understand the real importance of communication.

In business, it is no different. Imagine the server, email account, and telephone goes down for any organization!

September 3, 2013

What Your Enemy May Lose

Before you start a battle or war, evaluate what your enemy can lose not only what can you gain. If your enemy don't have anything to lose, then you are doing your biggest mistake by starting a battle with him.

If you know what your enemy may lose and you evaluated it as valuable, then you can use this loss opportunity to leave heavy pressure on your enemy to surrender for your demands.

On the other hand, try to hide what you may lose if your enemy started a battle against you.

Know Your Enemy

Says the great war leader Sun Tzu in his book the Art of War, if you are unaware of your enemy and unaware of yourself, then you are an idiot and for sure you are going to be defeated in every battle.
If you are aware of yourself but unaware of your enemy, you are going to win every battle but carry great losses.
If you are aware of yourself and aware of your enemy, then you are going to prevail in every battle.

November 20, 2012

Best Lie

The best lie carries a layer of truth. As advice, don't lie but if you would, mix it with truth. The listener's subconscious will take all as truth. Exactly as Governments do for their people through media :)

Play the Man and Not the Board

In chess, we say "Play the man, not the board". We mean that it is right that you play with chess rules and pieces but playing the contender is much easier to win. While you are in fight, playing with your contender's mind is the best solution. Even in military, they call it Media Attack.

November 17, 2012

Difficulties Mastered are Opportunities Won

No matter difficulties you are facing in life or work, you must work harder to master it. When you do so, you will gain an opportunity that you didn't have before. People who give up on any thing for the first time, they will give up again. When you face a problem, you should smile. Without problems, life lose its taste. Struggling is a best course of learning. Problems teaches you lessons and thats why you find in life, as much a person struggled as much he is wise.

Shock Attack!

I'm amazed how people fight and argue. Never reveal your plan to others. Even, if he is close to you. As much you keep thing for yourself as much your plan will see the success. I remember that after I joined university and attended few classes, then I told my friends and family. 

If you want to attack, create peace first, then attack. If you want to surprise someone, make him feel relief, then surprise him.

November 10, 2012


Be unique. Don't follow, let people follow you. Ignore what people like or follow, mostly its nonsense. Build your own thoughts after examining them. Stay solid, if people stand against you. Remember that mountain do not get affected by wind. You are a human who can use his mind as was geniuses do before. Don't underestimate your strength. Believe in yourself and think. Think in the skies. Think in the creatures. Think in the people's life. Understand based on your own examinations. Not the TV, or public, or authorities. Create from yourself and person that you get proud of later. Don't shame if you were different. Different is always good.